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sass: pagination: fix right alignment
post-pagination: redesign, provide meaningful text
masthead: cleanup yet another div
fix greedy nav border
move most colors to a individual file
fix pager color
sass: pager: fix blinking transition
sass: pager: tweak hover style
sass: pager: disable text decoration
sass cleanup
noscript: make search invisible
head: simplify
pager: add back border
tweak primary color, enhance disabled pagination a11y
sass: remove masthead nav hover effects
sass: purge webkit-ism

it is 2020 and a blog for hackers should not use vendor prefix
sass: remove ms-ism

we don't support ie/trident-edge starting from removing smooth-scroll.js
smaller footer
becb1b49 — Michael Rose 4 years ago
Fix table of contents active link styling
d2256790 — Evan Debenham 4 years ago
Add logo and title customization to the masthead (#2026)

* Add logo and title customization to the masthead

* Adjust config description

* Add test site logo to `/test`

* Document `site.logo` and `site.masthead_title`

* Update CHANGELOG and history