build: do not tar ourselves

supported by hut 0.3.0+
builds: gemini: extract title with yq
_posts: add bring-your-own-tools-nsenter
about: update language skill set
embrace my own name
reproduce-bug-on-safari-without-macos: fix title on gemini

current build system assumes double quotes
reproduce-bug-on-safari-without-macos: new post
cloud-gaming: more accurate tags
config: more realistic wpm for screens
meta: make read estimation cjk friendly
builds: https: run bundler under root

i have no idea why bundler try to install to system path even on
non-root, but this works /shrug
builds: gemini: use system md2gemini
posts: add centos-stream-upgrade-attempt
about: update skill set, resort by current usage
builds: gemini: restrict patch search path
avoid jekyll-sass-converter 3

depends on sass-embedded, which is not available for musl yet
links: add linkedin
_posts: documentsui-quick-view: fix title
_posts: new: documentsui-quick-view
renamme recent posts to posts

it's a full list, not just recent ones