about: update skill set, resort by current usage
builds: gemini: restrict patch search path
avoid jekyll-sass-converter 3

depends on sass-embedded, which is not available for musl yet
links: add linkedin
_posts: documentsui-quick-view: fix title
_posts: new: documentsui-quick-view
renamme recent posts to posts

it's a full list, not just recent ones
sass: archive: adjust margin
disable pagination
js: run greedy nav after load
sass: increase scroll padding
sass: apply scroll-padding to <html>
lunr: fix spaces
sass: archive: cleanup
sass: remove orphans and widows

opinionated, not widely supported
ui-text: follow: rename to links

the general usecases is usually somewhere between contact and follow
sass: remove transition of global components

animation of them between different pages is meaningless
sass: reduce popup mask opacity
sass: tweak navicon
sass: page: tweak meta