_posts: add ceph-pacific-quincy
profile, footer: remove nofollow

if there is a link, it is indeed an endorsement and should be crawled
builds: https: set JEKYLL_ENV
sass: pagination: fix right alignment
sass: fix pagination color
ui-text: remove unused pagination text
post-pagination: redesign, provide meaningful text
builds: https: install jekyll executable
config: remove unused generic footer entries
build: https: add missing deps
build: gemini: disable echoing on line processing
builds: gemini: fix md2gemini path
move to sourcehut
author: links: capitalize sourcehut
author: links: add sourcehut
create empty custom header

seems like jekyll does not have native support for include-if-exist
remove dummy favicon

originally added to prevent gitlab pages, when a page with access
control is present under the same namespace, redirects to auth when not
we have moved to pagessrht, where the problem does not exist.
css: comments: matrix: fix matrix.to button hiding on newer cactus
posts: bump arch-linux-install
ci: tweak html job name