sass: archive: cleanup
sass: remove orphans and widows

opinionated, not widely supported
ui-text: follow: rename to links

the general usecases is usually somewhere between contact and follow
sass: remove transition of global components

animation of them between different pages is meaningless
sass: reduce popup mask opacity
sass: tweak navicon
sass: page: tweak meta
sass: footer: tweak follow gaps
config: tweak back-to-top icon
config: tweak icons
config: get rid of doomed bio
_posts: add ceph-pacific-quincy
profile, footer: remove nofollow

if there is a link, it is indeed an endorsement and should be crawled
builds: https: set JEKYLL_ENV
sass: pagination: fix right alignment
sass: fix pagination color
ui-text: remove unused pagination text
post-pagination: redesign, provide meaningful text
builds: https: install jekyll executable
config: remove unused generic footer entries